Monday, September 22, 2008

Who's calling the shots here!?!?

What is it with men these days? I really just do not understand what gives men the sense of entitlement to expect a woman to be okay with being a booty call. Time is money, and I am one valuable commodity. However, last time I checked, I wasn't a prostitute. Also? I tend to attract starving artists, so the likelihood of pursuing such a profession may prove to be a fruitless endeavor.

I have no problem being a pimp, though. I'm really good at it.

Day in and day out I spend hours on end speaking with men and women looking for that special someone to love. There are always expectations on that potential special someone. They must be tall, short, thin, muscular, active, educated, but not too educated, funny, have children, not have children. The list goes on and on. It is my job to seek out those that fit this criteria, organize a meeting, and cross my fingers that there is chemistry. Sure, I understand that we are all entitled to set our own rules of attraction. I have a pretty broad list myself. It just seems that today, in a society where any desire can be fulfilled at a price, a lot of people lose sight of what makes love so wonderful.

The attributes of a meaningful healthy relationship...Passion, devotion, loyalty, respect, support, companionship, open up a whole new can of worms. There is the potential that "things will get stale", for betrayal, becoming an emotional doormat, abandonment.

In short, the driving force for unrealistic expectations is a lack of faith in love that lasts and willingness to accept the possibility of the shit hitting the fan. And surviving.

Which brings me back to the booty call.

I have just begun to date pretty aggressively in the past 4 months. A few men have given me the "I'm not ready for a girlfriend" line in a series of variations running from "I'm not over my ex (thanks for making me your litmus test!) to "I just don't want to feel obligated to hang out with you" (I never twisted your arm to stay in bed with me until 3 am!).

Well, I am so happy that you got that little nugget of clarity AFTER you kicked your boots off under my bed.

Scratch that. I wanted it more than you did cowboy, this is not my first trip to the rodeo. Could you just be kind enough to get your ass up on the saddle and hang on for the long ride?

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