Friday, November 05, 2010

The Single Gal's Haiku-Fest

Her search is on

To find a man to love her

She needs a compass

Danced until half past

Whenever. Calls never. Oh!

Should have worn the Spanks.

Paying for dinner

Gets big Brownie points sir

No kiss? WTF?

Should I call him first

Resist the urge to dial

I thought it went well

No chemistry darn

back to drawing board again

make the booty call

I won’t drive too far

Will she come to me for drinks

Is the drive worth it

Show legs or cleavage

Tough call. maybe both. neither?

First date. Sweats! why not?

Likes 80’s music

Whisky and loose women too

Unshaven legs won’t help

Online dating sucks

Shocked most can’t spell ‘you are’

Deal breaker for sure

Hot dog suit is cute

Talked long, beat him at Scrabble

He's really something

He brings her flowers

She makes dinner and then woops

Third date kiss runs long

It only takes one

To make it all worthwhile so

Just keep on truckin’

Finally it worked

Perfection at last. So great

We get each other


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