Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Leaps and Bound(arie)s

I have a task for you. Keep a notebook with you at all times for a week. In that time, jot down every single time someone annoys you. It isn't as much fun as you might think. Bring an extra pen and a thick notebook. Not because you may run out of ink or paper, but because they will come in handy when you decide to clock someone in the back of the head or perhaps stab them in the knee a la Sarah Connor in Terminator 2. Not that I'm encouraging assault, you just may want to give yourself options.

The objective of this exercise is not to vent your frustrations on our companions on public transportation. The objective of this exercise is to gain insight into our own character defects. A little game of You're an Asshole, I'm an Asshole if you will. Let's play, shall we?

An older gentelman gets on the bus. As the bus lunges forward, the man stumbles onto the seat in front of him. An elderly woman sitting at the front of the bus shouts at him repeatedly, "SIT DOWN! SIT DOWN! WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO SIT IN THE BACK WHEN YOU ARE HANDICAPPED???" I was irritated because it was not her business where and when the man chose to sit down. I was also upset that she was yelling and disturbing me and other people on the bus.

It was not my business that the woman was being rude. I am taking her inventory. I am possessive over space which does not belong to me.

See? She's an asshole, I am an asshole. We are all equals.

I feel better already.

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